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December 10, 2018
No matter how careful you are, working in a warehouse will expose you to different kinds of dangerous situations. Although you can’t avoid them entirely, here are our top 5 tips on how to reduce the risk of getting injured at work to a minimum.
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November 26, 2018
Cleanliness and hygiene in your workspace are more important than you think. We recommend here items that help you maintain your office clean.
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Winter Cleaning

November 29, 2016
Winter Cleaning

Although spring cleaning is the main thing, keeping your office space clean during the winter is more essential. When the snow starts falling, winter coats, scarves, gloves and boots clutter at least a quarter of your office space. Crites & Riddell provides some of the best office supplies when it comes to your seasonal needs.

The Space Heater

Although most office buildings provide basic heating, it may not be enough when the weather drops below 0. Investing in a small space heater may save you from endless layers of clothes and countless shivers and shakes. As long as you keep your papers at least three feet away and turn it off at the end of the day, your small space heater could be your favorite source of heat. The most efficient place to put it is under your desk, like this it is out of the way and keep your toes toasty warm.

The Heated Cushion

The most important part of winter is staying warm and the first part of getting to work is getting comfortable before you're sitting there all day. A good way to get comfortable is to buy a heated seating pad; a heated cushion that you can place on your computer chair. Once you've left your warm bed, embrace the cold winter morning while brushing off your car, the nicest thing to do when you walk into your office is to sit on your nice and warm chair.

The Spirit

What goes best with your steaming hot coffee, your toasty warm toes and your nicely warmed chair? Holiday decor. Put up a couple handmade snowflakes, set up a dish of holiday colored mints and sip hot cocoa from your perfectly cute snowflake decorated mug. Who said the office had to be anything but homely?

Take the time and money to invest in one of the spaces you spend the majority of your time. Adding these few things to your office space during the winter season can make a huge difference. Not only can it make sitting at your desk more comfortable, it can decrease stress and increase work efficiency by a substantial amount. Who knows what you can get done in one day if you enjoyed being there from morning to night.

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