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Why It’s Important to Have Breakfast Before Working

August 24, 2017
Why It’s Important to Have Breakfast Before Working

You have probably heard it being said time and again that breakfast is a vital meal. Actually, others have even gone ahead to say that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper and all that. And with how busy and fast paced our lives have slowly become, it has become a little bit harder to juggle all that we have to do on a day to day basis and still make a king-size meal that will be fit the breakfast requirements.

However, just because it has become excruciatingly hard at work with all the crazy deadlines to beat, it doesn’t mean that we should neglect to eat right.  On the contrary, we will need that food to give us the energy levels we need to be able to work as efficiently and effectively as we possibly can.

In light of this, let us have a sneak peek into some of the reasons why so much emphasis is put on eating right during breakfast.

Importance of Having Breakfast

  • Breakfast increases our cognitive function

One of the benefits of having breakfast before work is that it helps restore the glucose levels that are required for the brain to function effectively. This is in addition to improving the individual’s memory and concentration levels which just so happen to be vital for one to be productive at work.

  • It improves one’s energy levels significantly

Energy is a necessary component to have for us to be as productive as we would wish to be at work. And one of the ways that we can get the energy we so desire is through eating our meals right and at the right time. It is for this reason that missing breakfast isn’t such a good idea at all especially if you’re heading to work and anticipate facing a rigorous day ahead.

What Nutrients Do Breakfast Add to the Body?

  • Carbohydrates                                     
  • Fibre
  • Vitamins                                             
  • Minerals
  • Proteins

What Is a Good Breakfast?

Having tackled why it’s so important to have breakfast and the nutrients that you stand to add to your body, the next thing to look into is what a good breakfast encompasses. Most especially because most people will just throw in this and that and assume that that’s what a good breakfast entails. Simply put, a good breakfast is one that combines good carbohydrates and fiber with some protein.  For instance, oatmeal, wheat germ, eggs, whole-wheat bread, cereals, bananas, grapes and Greek yogurt happen to be ideal because they provide your body with important nutrients that are essential in helping kick start your day.

When your energy is dropping or your concentration is beginning to get lost, it’s beneficial to eat healthy snacks. That’s why Crites and Riddell offers a variety of different snacks, bottles of water and coffee to keep your employees motivated and happy. Visit our website to see our promotions!


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