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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Tricks to De-clutter Your Office From Montreal's Office Supplies Store

May 09, 2014
Tricks to De-clutter Your Office From Montreal's Office Supplies Store

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. If you’re reading this article you probably don’t list organizational skills as one of your top ten! Take heart though, a few simple strategies followed consistently will end your office clutter once and for all. Here's some great strategies to get you started: 

Remember the old saying, “When in doubt, throw it out?” Let’s take that a step further and say, “When in doubt recycle or shred.” Don’t keep things simply because you might need them some day. Chances are you’ll be able to find the same information through some other means i.e. the Internet. For paperwork deemed worthy of keeping; a good filing system is a must. Organize by using a consistent theme i.e. date, type, job, etc. but don’t mix and match.

Get in the zone. Creating "zones" in your workspace can be a really quick and easy way to start getting organized. Having a space for different activities will allow you to store items required for that specific job in the same zone. It also means you can keep your projects more organized because you'll know exactly where to go for each task.

Using colour in your filing system can also be useful if done properly. Hanging files, file folders, and file labels all hold the potential for using colour to indicate special meanings or categories. The colour difference in the labels will stand out prominently amongst the otherwise consistent colour scheme. However, colour-coding over-used has no meaning. It’s far more effective to open a file drawer and see white file folders, arranged in hanging folders of a single colour than ten different and confusing colours. Take a visit to your Montreal office supplies dealer and see what kind of products you can use to get organized. 

Using 9 x 12 manila envelopes to store your financial documents is another simple strategy. Label each envelope by month and year and place your receipts, invoices, etc. in them. This can save scads of time at tax time. Plus, you'll be sure to keep what you need to maintain accurate records…without spending hours searching! 

Organize your workspace by keeping the things you use regularly close by and make use of ample storage containers to keep your desk space as free as possible. If you find something in your space that you never use, get rid of it! Mounting some shelves on the wall (where they can easily be reached while you’re seated) to hold your notepaper, writing utensils, etc. will save you both time and space. Several pegs on the wall can be used to hold computer devices like headsets, earphones, etc. 

Pick a time for your initial office de-clutter when you can devote enough time to complete it all at once – uninterrupted if possible. Once you’re done, one simple rule will prevent you from ever getting back in the mess you’re facing right now – never, never, never put something down in the wrong place. And yes, that includes places like the corner of your desk that you think you’ll go back to and clean up when you have time. There will never be a more efficient time to put something away than when you’ve got it in your hand! If you’ve done a good job of creating appropriate storage you’ll have no excuse for not doing just that. Once you’ve established the habit, you’ll never go back.

Need some office supplies to get you started? Looking for filing gear or some handy shelves? Come to Crites & Riddell, we have everything you'll need to get organized!

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