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December 10, 2018
No matter how careful you are, working in a warehouse will expose you to different kinds of dangerous situations. Although you can’t avoid them entirely, here are our top 5 tips on how to reduce the risk of getting injured at work to a minimum.
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November 26, 2018
Cleanliness and hygiene in your workspace are more important than you think. We recommend here items that help you maintain your office clean.
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Tools to Help

February 06, 2017
Tools to Help


Anxiety affects millions of people each year, eighteen percent in America alone. Many seek medical or professional help to aid in coping with their mental illness. But several people seek other help, help that does not include taking a pill every day or medicine that makes them feel less like themselves. Crites & Riddell offer supplies that would help in tools to cope with anxiety.

            A common symptom of anxiety would be panic attacks. Some tools to cope with panic attacks would be trying to stimulate your brain, to distract it with lights, sounds, smells and sensations. Buy some noise cancelling earphones and listen to some good music, or burn some incense and light some candles to help focus on your smells. It could be as simple as curling up into a warm and fluffy blanket.

            Insomnia is also a common symptom of anxiety, where most of the people who suffer from it have a lot of trouble sleeping each night. Easy ways to help with this without having to take a sedative would be a simple, hot cup of uncaffeinated tea, or a hot and relaxing bubble bath before bed. Think of heat and relaxation, two things that will likely tire the body. A late night run or an after dinner workout would definitely burn any leftover energy, helping you get tired quicker.

            Trying to stay still and calm is something very hard to do for someone suffering from anxiety, fidgeting and moving around helps stimulate the brain but there are some situations where you need to sit and stay still. Ways to help with this would be sitting down and reading a book, an easy way to stimulate your brain while staying still. Other methods that may work would include watching a movie or doing a puzzle.

            Know your symptoms of anxiety before they happen so you can always make sure you have a plan of action to help minimize your anxiety. By keeping these methods in mind and having the right tools to cope will help minimize anything anxiety might have to throw at you so you can get back on track without any side effects of unknown drugs. If you can’t control your symptoms, contact a health professional. 

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