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Tips for Quick and Painless Back to School Supply Shopping

August 19, 2013


Make going back-to-school easy School_supplies

We can hardly believe it’s that time of year already! Back to school starts the last week of August for most Montreal schools and families. While some kids are digging in their heels at the thought of returning to school, others are getting excited at the idea of a fresh new year. Back to school shopping is in full swing, and to help make your back to school shopping experience smooth and painless, we’ve put together some tips for getting the right supplies.
Keep in mind any school supply lists issued by your child’s school, as most grades each have their own required supplies. If you’ve lost your supply list, go online to your local school board’s website, find your individual school and you should be able to find a supply list for each grade. If you can’t find it there, call one of your children’s friends parent and see if you can get a copy.

Get green school supplies

Choosing eco-friendly back to school supplies is a great way to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Find a Montreal office supplies store that sells green supplies and choose pencils made from recycled materials, recycled papers and binders and the like. Some items may not be available but there is an ever increasing amount of green options on supply store shelves today.

Check the quality

Shopping on a budget is reality for many Montreal families, but don’t skimp on quality. You don’t have to buy the highest priced items to find quality; there are often many mid-range priced items or even lower-priced school supplies that are also great quality. Keep in mind that if you buy quality supplies, they will probably last longer, perform better and end up giving you better value in the long run.

Go to a Montreal office supplies store

When you shop local, you not only support your local economy, you also are dealing with a local business who probably knows what the schools in the area require. You also get to deal with people who will want to offer you great service, and should you have a problem or need to return something, you will be able to do so. Montreal office supplies stores may also carry individual supply lists for the school boards in their area, and often times can help you quickly get set up with the right gear.

Back to school sales

Yes we all love and hate the back to school sales. They can be a great way to save your hard earned cash, but they can also be frustrating and draining. Overcrowded stores, empty shelves and depleted stock are all things you can run into when hitting the back to school sales. We recommend getting out early in the season, and early in the day to try and avoid the shopping rush.
Crites & Riddell offers a full range of office and back to school supplies to get your year off to a great start! We wish all Montreal and area families, students and the teaching staff a great year!
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