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The Essential Startup Supplies Every Small Business Office Needs

January 27, 2014
The Essential Startup Supplies Every Small Business Office Needs

For small businesses looking to take off and gain momentum, it can be a challenge to setup a new office and establish a smooth and effective work environment. Although purchasing office furniture and supplies may seem like a substantial expense, it helps to view it as a long term investment in the company. Many of the costs involved will not be recurring and the direct results of these products will quickly pay for themselves. In order to build a successful new office there are a few key elements that you must procure.

Essential Office Furniture and Equipment

Focus on the essential pieces of furniture that will allow your operations to function, like desks, chairs, conference tables, and waiting room seating if customers are expected to frequent the office. Be sure to purchase furniture that will last and also create a welcoming atmosphere for employees.

Many companies offer printers that also function as copiers, scanners, and fax machines. You can save money and allow for greater flexibility by purchasing one of these. This technology will provide your business with the opportunity to transfer information in a number of different and relevant ways. These machines will also need replacement paper, ink, and toner cartridges.

Each employee should have a desktop or laptop computer and access to the internet. These will allow them to perform several business functions like email, research, data entry, printing, and document editing. Make sure the computers are set up on a company network so that everyone can communicate and use the printers and scanners.

Essential Office Supplies

In addition to furniture, offices need several other items in order to provide a quality work space. Filing cabinets are necessary for storing documents and lamps ensure employees do not have to strain in order to view their projects. It is also recommended that offices have a large and accessible white board or calendar to display deadlines, appointments, and long term project goals.

Traditional desk supplies are the backbone of any operation. You will always need a supply of pens, pencils, paper, paperclips, staplers, stationery, and whole punchers in order to maintain a constant flow of production. It is best to designate a specific location for the storage of these items so that employees can easily access them when needed.

Business Specific Documents and Forms

Every company needs certain documents for budgeting, filing, invoices, letters, contracts, expenses, billing, and accounting. These help provide accurate data when a customer has a billing question or requests an invoice copy. They also provide another source of data if your network fails or you experience a technical emergency.

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