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The State of Your Office Says a Lot About Who You Are

June 27, 2017
The State of Your Office Says a Lot About Who You Are

Your office is in many regards your home away from home. How you keep it and what it looks like reflects directly on your personality and the type of worker you are. Customers, vendors and other individuals will judge your company in part on the way your office looks. Did you know that your workspace can be a reflection of your personality at work, and therefore tell the type of worker you are?

When you look your office, what do you see? Are there piles of paperwork building up on every surface? Do you have gadgets to fidget with as you work? Are the walls filled with family photos or bare? Do office storage accessories help keep your desk organized and clean?

Here are a few scenarios that point out different personalities in the workplace:

  • An organized desk = you are dependable.
  • Inspiration messages hung up = you have a classic personality.
  • Unusual items on your desk = you are creative and open minded.
  • A candy jar or other inviting item out = you are extroverted and approachable.

Author Lily Bernheimer identifies five “types” of workers. Let's see what category you are in.

The Clutterer

These workers fill their office space with colorful items and it can often seem chaotic but not overstuffed. Most often, these are very extroverted people who like the stimulation these items and are always looking for social interaction. As a worker, they are typically assertive but friendly.

The Minimalist

Opposite the clutterer is the minimalist, who has a very orderly and sparse work space. These workers are usually disciplined and cautious but also hard working, focused and very reliable. Minimalists are not overly creative people and the lack of personal items can signal a lack of commitment. 

The Expander

The Expander is someone who slowly seems to take over more and more space. This can especially obvious for those working on open desks or in a shared office. Often these workers can be very territorial and aggressive but it may be due to a scarcity of space rather than a lack of sensitivity towards others.

The Surveyor

Surveyors are found at the back of the office with their backs towards the wall. These individuals are introverted and can have high levels of anxiety in the workplace. While they typically shy away from constant interaction or stimulation, these workers can be very creative and productive. 

The Personaliser

These workers on the ones with carefully decorated workspaces that are personalized and inviting. Many times, these individuals are artistic and very creative, and unlike the surveyor would prefer to be near windows instead of the wall. Workers with this personality are usually very satisfied professionally and personally. 

No matter which personality type fits you best, it is important to have an office space that suits you. When you are setting up your office, be sure to have the right office accessories that are both functional and pleasant to look at. Crites & Riddell has everything you need to organize your office space. Find everything in our online store!


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