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January 10, 2019
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Reasons To Buy Used Office Furniture Montreal

October 10, 2014
Reasons To Buy Used Office Furniture Montreal

Buy Used Office Furniture Montreal

It’s old news that buying used office furniture can save you money, but many people think that used means shabby or damaged. Nothing is further than the truth! Not only will you save money, you can find amazing deals on attractive and modern used office furniture in Montreal. If you’re not convinced of the benefits of buying used office furniture, take a look at these facts:


Reducing Start-Up Costs

If you’re a new business just setting up shop, you’ll be well aware of start-up costs. From rental or lease budgets, utilities, operating expenses, wages and deductions to the actual renovation and furnishing of your new business space; the costs quickly add up. Buying used office furniture is a smart way to reduce your initial setup costs. Plus, as your business grows and expands, you can easily add pieces.

Perks On Used Furniture

Used furniture can also be resold with less depreciation than new-bought furniture, or traded in on a new set of furniture later on. Be sure to purchase furniture that fits, is easy to assemble and install, and that comes with some kind of backing on quality. If you choose to buy used Montreal office furniture from a reseller, you’ll gain the option of having some type of guarantee, repair services and installation service.

Get Exactly What You Need

Before you go ahead and buy a set of office furniture, consider the following questions to be certain you are buying the right set:

  1. What is your budget? Consider how much you can afford to spend up front, and on a monthly basis. Do you have the capital to buy furniture outright, or will you be spreading monthly payments over the next year, or longer? For either option, purchasing used furniture can get you better value for your dollar, as well as reduce the overall purchase price.
  2. What pieces of office furniture are necessities? Be brutally truthful and pragmatic here; don’t spend money on things that aren’t an asset unless you have the room in your budget to do so. Think about the bare-bones must-haves to get your daily job done, and start with those items. Add extras afterwards!
  3. Who’s working with you? Make sure you set up your partners and employees with comfortable and ergonomic office furniture. If people can share spaces efficiently and productively, purchase and set up workstations that will allow that to happen. If not, purchase the necessary office furniture and office supplies Montreal to allow for a great work environment.
  4. How long will you be in your current location? If you have a two, five or ten year plan, make sure your current furnishings will allow for growth and easy moving if that’s in the plan. Large and odd-shaped pieces can be attractive, but they can be difficult or impossible to move into your new location. Easy to assemble and disassemble office furniture is great for locations that expect to expand or diversify.


Mix & Match Office Furniture Montreal!

One of the best things about life in Montreal is the style! And not just one style, but a myriad of styles and cultures mixed and mashed together. Why not pick up on this trend and mix-n-match your office style? Buying used office furniture and other office supplies to give your work environment some flavour is a great idea! Mixing up new and used items is a perfect way to grow and expand without spending excessive amounts on furniture, while adding style and charm to your business.

When you buy office furniture from Crites & Riddell, you gain access to our team of knowledgeable and experienced staff. They can quickly guide you through the process of setting up your office properly with new or used office furniture. We also offer a loaner chair program and discounts on trade-in furniture for clients looking to upgrade.


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