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Paper Shredding Tips for Large & Small Montreal Businesses

September 24, 2015
Paper Shredding Tips for Large & Small Montreal Businesses

Maintaining Confidentiality

Paper shredding is a very necessary part of many businesses. The thought of sensitive and confidential documents falling into the wrong hands is enough to motivate even the most laid-back person to invest in a paper-shredding set-up.

Whether you choose from an in-house paper shredder form your Montreal office supplies provider, or a complete shredding service that picks up and destroys your sensitive material, all depends on the volume of material you have to shred.

Hire a Shredding Service

Having a professional shredding service is a good option for larger establishments with higher volumes of paperwork. While smaller businesses can often get away with doing their own, employees of a large business can waste significant amounts of time shredding other than using their professional skills for other tasks.

Professional shredding services also increase the security and reliability of your shredding operations, allowing you to be confident that you never have to worry about information leaks or doing the shredding yourself. At Crites & Riddell, we can ensure your confidentiality with our convenient, professional and reliable shredding service available throughout Montreal. Give us a call to find out more!

Tips on Using Your Shredder Properly

If you do your own shredding, there are a few important points to remember. Improper use of this type of equipment can be dangerous to the person doing the task and it can damage or even destroy your shredding machine.

  • Watch your hands! This is obvious, but the last thing you want to do is place your hands or fingers into the shredding machine. Who would ever do this you ask? The person who has had a crazy day, just wants to go home, and is already half an hour late. Plus, they have shredding to complete and something is jamming the machine. Even so, don’t get yourself tangled up in a shredder!
  • Don’t force it. Machines vary; some are quicker than others, so don’t push your documents in trying to speed it up. It can only chew so fast. If you need to speed things up, consider buying a higher quality shredding machine that can handle more material. Another great option is hiring a shredding service.
  • Know your machine. Each machine is slightly different, while the end result is relatively the same. Be sure you know the maximum amount of material you can run through, safety features and where the power shut off switch is.
  • No foreign objects. This is very important for all shredders. Remove staples, paper clips, tape, sticky notes and other non-paper materials. These can gum up or damage your blades, causing failure or incomplete shredding.

Plan Your Shredding Space

If you’re in the midst of an office furnishing project, consider if you need to plan a space for paper shredding. If you do your own, be sure to calculate for an out of the way and secure location to have shredding done. Somewhere that allows employees easy access without causing disruption to your daily operations is best. You can even have a space built specifically to minimize noise and accommodate the shredder.

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