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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Online Printing Services—Find the Best Service Ever with These Tips!

June 26, 2013
Online Printing Services—Find the Best Service Ever with These Tips!
When you have a large print job the last thing you’ll need is an online printing service that doesn’t follow your requests to the tee...and ending up with low-quality products that you can’t use must be avoided, plus the costs incurred can quickly marginalize any profit that was to be gained from printed advertisements. Skip unnecessary expenses and choose wisely.
Your printing service can either be your best ally or your worst nightmare. Finding an online print service that meets your expectations and specifications can be tricky as there are so many to choose from! We’ve put together some sage tips that will make choosing your new online printing service simple and worry-free.
To make sure you get the most for your dollar consider the following tips:
  • Search the internet to find printing services. Do a Google search and see what comes up. Narrow down your search results to those that look the most professional, are in your vicinity, and offer the services you require.
  • Read reviews! Take some time to see what other people are saying. Read reviews people have written and posted. You can also use an online forum to generate suggestions and feedback. Keep in mind there can be very biased opinions, so take extreme feedback with a grain of salt. If you do discover a recurring theme though, chances are there will be some truth to it.
  • Location can make a difference. Take into consideration where your online printing service is located. We generally think that online services can be located anywhere; and that can hold true for some types of projects. But if you are working on a large project that requires some collaboration or for you to physically pick up the finished products, then location will play a part in your decision.
  • Payment details. Make sure the site is reliable, and affiliated with trusted payment methods and acceptable security measures.
  • Reliable service. Stellar customer service. Take the time to see how the service department is. Give a call or send an email, and see what kind of response you get. You’ll quickly see how companies will treat you and can decide from there. Affordable prices, amazing graphics, and a nice website are useless if they won’t treat their clients well!
  • Turnaround times matter. Find out what their turnaround times are, and make sure that they meet your expectations. If they can’t meet these, find a printing service that will be reliable.
At Crites & Riddell we pride ourselves in offering superior quality and unprecedented service to each and every client. Our experienced team can come alongside and collaborate with you and your team from conception to print. We also have a team of graphic designers who can create and design your projects for you.
We are also one of the very first Forest Service Council (FSC) Certified printers in Quebec!
As a high-volume print specialist, we will meet all your printing needs! Give us a call today!
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