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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Nickel & Diming It? Here’s How to Save on Office Supplies Montreal!

August 15, 2014
Nickel & Diming It? Here’s How to Save on Office Supplies Montreal!

Looking for a great place to buy office supplies Montreal? Or do you want to buy office supplies wholesale? There is a huge variety of office supply stores you can choose from in Montreal, but there are only a few who go above and beyond to make sure their customers are truly satisfied.

One of the most important things businesses are looking for today when they buy office supplies wholesale is great pricing. Business in Montreal requires running things efficiently. If your office supply budget is getting out of hand, you may want to take a look at the situation more closely. There are many ways to save on office supplies Montreal. Here’s a few quick tips we’ve put together to help you find out how to save on office supplies:

  • Back to basics office supplies. While having six different colours of pens may be fun, it probably isn’t necessary. There may be many items you currently have that are nice to have, but not essential. Assessing this part of your invenory is the first step to saving money on office supplies. Anything that is not truly needed can be cut from the list. Be sure to ask around the office for suggestions and input so you don’t end up cutting out things that are essential to someone else’s workflow.
  • Skip the big-box store. Big name outfits may seem like the obvious choice when looking for cheap office supplies, but you may actually end up paying more. Take the time to check out local office suppliers like Crites & Riddell, who often have exceptional deals on office supplies. Smaller, local stores also can provide you with better service and a consistent experience in pricing and product availability.
  • Buy office supplies online. Buying office supplies wholesale through a program such as our National Accounts Program can save you a lot of money. Streamlined ordering, instant access, consistent products and pricing all contribute to a more efficient process of ordering and receiving your office supplies. When you buy office supplies online you can also reduce your internal administration costs by a significant amount. Saving time is saving money!
  • Office supplies wholesale. Buying your supplies in bulk is a great way to save some cash. When your buy office supplies wholesale, you often get better pricing as well as reducing the need to frequently reorder. The types of items that are easy to purchase in wholesale quantities include any items that you use consistently and frequently. Things like bathroom supplies, printer paper, toners, and ink cartridges can be purchase in larger quantities so long as they are used within a reasonable time.

Crites & Riddell is a Montreal office supply company who takes customer service to a new level. If you want to save on office supplies, try ordering from our website. From our consistent pricing, efficient and easy-to-use online National Accounts Program to our staff and quality printing services; you’ll be certain to find what you need at a great price. All right here in Montreal!

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