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Montreal Office Supplies Experts Explain How to Choose the Best Paper

April 10, 2015
Montreal Office Supplies Experts Explain How to Choose the Best Paper

Get an Expert Opinion on Paper

As one of the best local resources for office supplies Montreal, it would do well for us to delve deep into the world of paper. From you standard everyday multipurpose paper, to specialty high-gloss photo papers; we can help you choose the best one for whatever your project demands. While always having a good quality multipurpose paper in stock is a great starting point, there are big advantages to understanding the variety of paper products available to you today.

Basic Paper Types – Copy, Inkjet, Laser, Multipurpose Paper

Before you order your office supplies online, be sure to know exactly what you’re looking for. Because of the various printer types used today there is also a variety of paper types designed specifically for these machines. In order to get the best results from your individual printer or photocopy machine it’s important to always choose the appropriate type of paper:

  • Inkjet papers are often coated to limit potential bleed-through problems associated with inkjet printing. Inkjet paper is also more absorbent than laser or copy paper in order to absorb the ink droplets and minimize smudging. A high-quality inkjet paper will provide much better results than a super-smooth copy or laser paper when using inkjet printers.
  • Copy paper is designed for use with typewriters and photocopy machines and has a special coating applied. It is quite similar to laser papers but tends to be a bit less heavy and bright. It is possible to use copy paper with a laser printer, depending on the desired quality of your finished job.
  • Laser printing paper is generally much smoother and brighter than other types of paper and better facilitates the electrostatic image transfer that laser printers use. It also tends to be heavier and brighter than copy and inkjet paper in order to stand up to the heat used in the printing process. For high-end results use a good laser paper.
  • Multipurpose paper is a great option when you have a variety of print jobs to do on different printers. You may be surprised at how well some multipurpose paper can work! These types of papers work well with inkjet, laser, fax and copy machines if you use care when printing. They are a good option for printing in-house paperwork and other print jobs where superior quality is not a factor.

How to Choose Paper Weight

Paper is manufactured in a variety of densities. The density is basically the thickness of a sheet of paper. These are measured in pounds per 500 sheets. These weights generally range from 20lb to 100lb, and to simplify the whole thing you can assume the higher the weight, the thicker and denser the paper will be. If you need a paper with high strength and durability you will want to choose a heavier weight. Heavier weighted paper can also be a good choice when you want to make an impression or statement of quality in your presentation. If you’re not sure which one to choose, ask one of our office supplies Montreal experts!

Coated or Uncoated Paper?

Paper coating can make a big difference in the quality of your finished project. Choosing between the two will largely depend on the type of printing machine you’ll use. A good example of coated paper is photo paper. Photo papers range from matte to glossy and will produce much better results when printing images. Uncoated papers are much more absorbent and can pose bleeding problems. They are better suited to for simpler print jobs and more artistic or hand-written projects. Once you know what type of paper you need, try ordering office supplies online from us, it’s quick and easy!


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