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Meeting Rooms of the Future—Key Conference Room Technology Components

November 13, 2014
Meeting Rooms of the Future—Key Conference Room Technology Components

Meeting Rooms of the Future

Want to boost your business’ productivity? Looking for better ways to collaborate, successfully? Videoconferencing is no new idea, but oftentimes the conference room technology provided leaves much to be desired. We’ve all sat through tedious attempts at videoconferencing with faulty equipment or lag times that leave you stumped or guessing what was said. That need not be the case! Meeting rooms are rapidly going digital, with businesses making use of greatly improved quality digital conference room technology and software.

Increasing Global Collaboration

Using conference room technology opens up the possibility of pulling in previously inaccessible resources and people, since there are no geographical limitations. You can have team members across the globe if desired. Also considering the rise of digital workplaces and technology, up to 59% of senior business managers expect to make the switch to digital conferencing in 2014. By 2020, over 89% said they expected to be full digital1 and had planned considerable budgets to do so with high quality solutions. That means the ability to connect is only going to become easier and more reliable.

Benefits of Our Conference Room Technology & Tools

Crites and Riddell is proud to offer an exceptional range of digital meeting room and videoconferencing tools, systems and options. From video systems, microphones, cameras, projectors, digital signage and interactive whiteboards, we have what your business needs to succeed. Using our state of the art digital conferencing system provides your business with many unique benefits, including improved meeting dynamics and communication. Some of our system’s features include the following:

  • Remote conference room technology
  • Accessible through personal mobile devices
  • Facilitates remote work arrangements
  • Access use of spreadsheet, photo/video, and presentations software
  • Business class security and data encryption
  • Completely integrate-able across all platforms
  • Award winning videoconferencing system


Priorities For Digital Conferencing

While users tend to shy away from conference room technology that requires lengthy setup times, or a steep learning curve, there are some great options available today that make videoconferencing easy and accessible, to all users – even those with minimal tech-savvy. There are also many improvements that have been made to address consumer priorities that are included in our system. Some key priorities include:

  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Reduce meeting setup times
  • Scheduled conferences & one-on-one calls
  • Simplifying complex technology/systems (user friendliness)
  • Improved reliability of tools and technology
  • Enhanced quality (images, sound etc.)
  • Superior network security
  • Usable across multiple devices: laptop, desktop, tablets and phones
  • Integration with presentation tools, remote conferencing and audio reproduction


The average budget for setting up reliable and practical video conferencing systems can range widely, partly dependent on the number of users. However, it should be seen as an investment in your business and will require some capital to implement. Call one of our knowledgeable and professional conference room technology experts today to learn more about our conference room technology and how it can work for your business.


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