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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Managing Your Office Supply Inventory

December 22, 2017
Managing Your Office Supply Inventory

While office supplies are usually something taken by employees day after day, once there’s none left it becomes the employer’s job to refill it. Although replenishing an entire inventory of office supplies can quickly become a huge hassle, keeping track of your supplies and refilling certain items at the right time can save everyone a lot of hours and energy.

Nothing stops employees from working more than not having access to the supplies that they need, and we’re not only talking about pens and paper. Printer ink, extra computer wires and even office furniture are things that often get overlooked when it comes to office supply inventory. Crites and Riddell are here to help you better manage your supply inventory so you never completely run out again.

Tracking the Supplies

The first step to managing your supply inventory is always tracking where your supplies are going. Keep a list of who is taking what and how often it is taken to pinpoint exactly when a certain item must be re-ordered.

If you are dealing with a larger-sized company, supplies always vanish more quickly. Ensure that your employees are taking only what’s necessary and replenish only when needed by tracking the supplies.

In addition, remember that certain items can only be bought or are only used seasonally. Take this into consideration when tracking supplies throughout the year. If you’re looking for a bit more help, read our article on how to inventory office supplies!


Once you have tracked where your supplies have gone, you can now figure out where your budget will be allocated. For example, if you find your staff using more yellow highlighters, don’t spend more money on buying other colors. If your employees use more staples than paperclips, ensure you are buying the appropriate amounts. It is useless buying supplies if they are only going to sit on the shelf collecting dust.

Re-Ordering Points

Once everything is tracked and budgeted, the final step is to set up re-ordering points. If a product is being used frequently, re-order it when there’s still enough left to last the amount of time it takes to arrive. If you use a product very rarely, you can re-order it when there is only a few left. Always take into consideration the frequency of the item being used as well as the time it takes for shipping and delivery.

The key to any management is to pay attention. It doesn’t take too much time to track and re-order supplies before they empty and leave your employees supply-less. Here at Crites and Riddell, we offer office supplies in large quantities which can help cut costs and requires re-ordering less frequently. Visit our online store today and pick out your favorite supplies!

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