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The Importance of Recycling Your Electronics

February 07, 2018
The Importance of Recycling Your Electronics

As more and more people use electronic devices that are quickly changing and evolving every day, the amount of electronic waste is increasing at the same time. Because this waste is harmful for our environment, there are several appropriate waste disposal programs in place, including recycling and reusing. However, many people don’t comply with these processes by getting rid of their electronics whenever it seems fit. To avoid this, learn the importance of properly disposing of your electronic materials and where to do it!

Why recycle electronic devices?

Electronic waste is made up of a good source of raw materials. Gold and other precious metals can be taken from the devices and easily recovered for other uses. In addition, when thrown in dumps they can become very harmful for the environment.

What is found in electronic waste?

Electronics often contain numerous substances harmful to the environment, such as mercury, lead, chromium, and cadmium. They may also contain heavy metals and elements that can easily catch fire. Some may also release toxins after a while.

As a result, electronic waste clogs dumps and releases harmful substances that can be found in water systems and can negatively affect vegetation.

How does recycling electronic devices work?

All electronic devices are sent to approved recyclers for safe handling. This includes decomposition to gain access to the materials inside, such as plastic, glass and metals. These materials are then sent for reuse in new products. Harmful substances, such as lead, are disposed of in a responsible manner to protect the environment.

How to recycle electronics in Quebec

You will first need to make sure your electronics are eligible for recycling. You can find a list on the EPRA Quebec website. Once done, locate your nearest authorised drop-off point, and leave it to the experts who know how to dispose of the e-waste properly or have it repaired.

As an electronics salesman, Crites and Riddell is committed to divesting its e-waste responsibly. Many newer electronic devices are now being built with more eco-responsible materials. Visit our website to get the latest electronic products today!

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