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January 10, 2019
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How to Save Money on Printing Costs

March 20, 2015
How to Save Money on Printing Costs

Trimming down printing costs

For many local businesses and offices printing supplies are among the most expensive Montreal office supplies. Of course, making use of an online printing service is among the top money-saving choices for a variety of businesses; its ease and convenience allow for professional results in short turnaround times.  However, there are likely still a number of print jobs that will take place in the office, for a variety of reasons. While printing for free isn’t likely, there are some very real ways to trim your in-house printing budget significantly.

Use network printers for large jobs

If you plan on printing out twelve copies of the annual report for your board meeting next week, think twice about where you’ll print it. These large projects are great candidates for an online printing service or your own network laser printer. Smaller personal desktop printers can be very convenient, as well as confidential; but they use a lot more ink! Which adds up to paying more for Montreal office supplies. Using a larger laser printer can cut your ink and toner use anywhere from 30% to 70%.

Choose a quality laser cartridge

There is a wide variety of printer cartridges available today. From no-name recycled cartridges bought online, to well known name-brand print cartridges found in stores; you have numerous choices available. Remember that print quality can be drastically affected with some of these alternative products. While they may seem like a real money saver, you may be sacrificing accuracy and quality. Basics® Laser Cartridges provide exceptional output, reliability and longevity – at a great price.

Adjust your default printer settings

First of all, have two printers, one for black and white and another for colour. Be sure to name them specific and simple names such as: B&W and Colour/Photo Printer. Then have each and every user set the B&W printer as the default. Any colour printing can then be manually sent to the higher quality printer. This can be a bit of an undertaking, especially if you have numerous employees. It may require assigning one person to manually check or assist each employee to ensure default printer settings are correct. You can also set your default print quality to grayscale or B&W to further reduce printing costs.

Make use of certified recycled print cartridges

The key here is to purchase recycled print cartridges from a reputable source. If you end up with faulty Montreal office supplies, it can cause serious damage to your printers, or even destroy them. While total destruction is rare, it’s not a risk worth taking with high-end printers. Basics® laser cartridges are a Class II level product and manufactured in an ISO9002 registered facility. When it comes to recycled cartridges, Basics® laser cartridges are reliable and backed by our guarantee. They are also fully recyclable after you’re finished with them.

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