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How to Plan Montreal’s Best 2014 Staff Party

December 04, 2014
How to Plan Montreal’s Best 2014 Staff Party

Tis’ The Season

You can never have too many holiday parties! But for workplace/office parties it can take a bit of planning to create one that works for everyone. Whether employees aren’t too keen on giving up their free time, or managers not wanting to splurge on an evening event, it can be tricky to pull one off successfully. A great staff event can give a tangible boost to your company morale and productivity, but that’s not the only reason.

Rewarding employees for their contributions, loyalty and dedication are others. It also helps create an atmosphere where people feel valued and appreciated, which are conducive to great work being performed. It can even pull those underachievers or slackers into the group and into better performance. But those aren’t the main reasons; the main reason is it’s holiday time!

2014’s Best Staff Party Ever!

Okay, enough with the hyperbole. Let’s get down to some concrete tips. Planning a staff party that will be great for everyone isn’t rocket science. It starts with understanding your workplace and the people that work there. Be sure to stay true to your company values and don’t send mixed messages. If you’re traditional and uber-professional, you may not want to go too far out there with your party. Here are a few more tips to planning the best staff party yet:

Send out invitations! Take a consensus on which dates are best for the majority of your staff members. Once you’ve established the date, you can order great invitations for a reasonable price online. You don’t need to go crazy, but do choose something inline with your organizations profile and the nature of the party. It also ensures that everyone will get the details on the party. For a great selection on print products, like party invitations, visit an expert in office supplies Montreal: Crites & Riddell!

Stock up on supplies. Don’t get caught running out of paper plates or cups! Stock up before your party on lunchroom supplies and make sure everyone will get a fork and spoon. You can even order festive lunchroom supplies like holiday cups or plates for an added touch. Kill two birds with one stone and order more lunchroom supplies with your next order of Montreal office supplies!

Plan a lunch party. While it may be tempting to plan your staff party for evening, reconsider! Most employees actually prefer to have it during lunchtime, rather than having to make arrangements for an evening gig. Lunch parties are also more economical, with lunch menus costing less than dinner. Added bonus for your company’s wallet!

Know your budget. Is the company paying for everything, or are drinks etc. on staff members’ own tab? Little details like this matter, and even if the company will foot the entire bill, you need to set a budget and stick to it.

Make it fun. Holding your party during lunch hours doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and festive time! Decorate as much as you can (according to budget), have someone dress up as Santa, plan some simple activities or games, and have music! If you can, bring in live entertainment to set the stage for a great party.

Crites & Riddell has you covered for all your lunchroom supplies and office supplies Montreal. Stop in or order through our efficient and secure online portal, we’ll have all your supplies delivered right to your door!


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