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How To Organize Your Supply Closet At Work

April 04, 2017
How To Organize Your Supply Closet At Work

The field of office supply often gets neglected, as many people consider financial management or sales as the most important part of their work process. However, in order to fully commit to a specific, preferred area of your business, you should first take time and sort things out in-house. One of the first steps you will have to undertake when doing this is effectively organizing your office supplies. This doesn’t have to be a tedious task, you will probably need just one office supply closet, although this depends heavily on the size and specific needs of your company.


Inventory Build Up

One of the first things you’ll need to do, in order to effectively organize your office supplies, is to purchase all necessary supplies suited for your business. Making a list of the office supplies you need, as well as taking stock of the supplies you already have, is a great first step to making. Checking and surveying your employees for what they need to perform their tasks with ease and efficiency will also be beneficial for this process. After you have made the list, you should keep it on hand, and edit it with new additions, but also remove the things you don’t really use anymore, in order to maximize productivity.


Organizing Supplies

Organizing your office supplies is the next logical step you should undertake. This can be done by assigning an employee to sort out existing office supplies, clear the needed space in the office supply closet and create an arrangement for your supplies that is logical and uses the most of the space allocated for that purpose. That being said, you shouldn’t shy away from using alternative storage spaces, if the initial space with that purpose gets full. Usability should play a big part in this, for example, placing paper near the printers.


Restocking Supplies

Restocking plays a major role in effective office supply organization, and you should make sure that you are making the orders in time, so you don’t end up not having essential office supplies run out. You can do this by creating a simple, yet efficient, system that can be arranged either online or offline. You should also take some time and find out at what exact pace the office supplies are being used. This can be done to prevent employees from using office supplies for their personal needs, as well as limit paper use if you are considering going for the eco-friendly approach to using paper.

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