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How to Organize your Office Supplies

August 05, 2013
How to Organize your Office Supplies


A place for everything, and everything in its place”

That saying is a great motto for your office supply storage. Make it standard procedure to keep any office tools, equipment and supplies in their designated space. That way everyone will be able to find them exactly when they need it.
There’s no bigger time-waster than employees running around looking for pens, paper, sticky notes or hole punches. Keep tabs on your materials to makes sure you don’t run out, and to make sure that your office procedures are making things run smoothly, rather than causing disorganization.

Let’s get it together!

Now for some people, its second nature to be organized, but let’s face it; for many it’s not! And it is a guaranteed fact that you will have a mix of organizational levels in your employees. So why not level the playing field, get organized and put some practices in place to avoid wasting time and money on unprofitable actions?

Here’s our Step by Step Guide to Getting Organized: 

Step One:
Assign one person the task of sorting through your existing office supplies. This person should be someone who has a knack for being organized. Don’t assign someone who has no talent for this, or you will probably end up with a mess, and a frustrated employee! Take stock of what you have, what you need and what to get rid of. Recycle or donate supplies you will not use and free up space from unnecessary stuff.
Step Two:
Choose your storage area. Somewhere that is out of the way yet still central is a great choice. Clear out the space so you can start fresh, and make sure there is enough room for everything to be stored visually—meaning nothing will slip away out of sight. Install shelving and good lighting if need be, and give the area a good cleaning before you re-stock it.
Step Three:
Purchase containers and bins as well as other organizers like trays and file racks for storing papers, letterhead etc. Using storage bins for small office supplies like pens, paper clips, thumbtacks or batteries is a must. Make sure you have a Sharpie and labels as well.
Step Four:
Think about how to logically arrange your office supplies. Sort your supplies into categories (printer supplies, paper, electronics, pens & pencils etc.) and keep in mind the items most frequently used. Office supplies that are depleted more rapidly should be placed in the most accessible place. If necessary create a backup storage space for bulky items like reams of paper or packaging supplies, but be sure to be organized so everyone knows exactly where everything is kept.
Step Five:
Implement a tracking system. This is important for many reasons. From minimizing theft, tracking inventory, re-ordering and budgeting purposes; as well as to ensure you don’t run out of supplies! It can be as simple as a clipboard with a sign out sheet, or as elaborate as assigning a person to track and sign out supplies. It all depends on the scale of your business and your individual needs.
Crites & Riddell National Accounts program will fit well with any business’s supply needs. Call us today to find out how easy ordering tracking and receiving your office supplies can be!
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