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How to Organize a Holiday Office Party

December 08, 2017
How to Organize a Holiday Office Party

The end of the year rhymes with celebration, family, presents and, of course, your holiday office party! For those who attend, the office party is a moment of celebration between colleagues. But for those who organize it, preparation can quickly become a big headache. In order to avoid any hassle, Crites and Riddell offers you their advice on how to organize a successful office party!

Find Out the Budget

The chosen budget will have a huge influence on the type of party you can organize. There is no point in thinking of renting a hall if your budget isn’t big enough for it. Start by listing the guests who will be attending. From this number you’ll know how much of the budget is allocated to each person for meals, rentals (if necessary) and the festivities.

Choosing a Date, Time and Place

Some companies choose dates earlier in December to avoid conflicts with other celebrations that happen closer to Christmas. Others may opt for the last day of work before the holidays. The important thing is to find a date where the majority of your guests are available.

As for the venue, depending on your budget and the amount of invited guests, there are several options available to you. Restaurants, reception rooms, hotels or your own office building are all common places where companies host their parties. Obviously, a different place from the office will be more appealing and festive to your employees. Remember that the sooner you book, the better!

Find a Fun Theme

If you want to organize your party with a theme, make sure to stay simple. Simplicity will unify your guests and they won’t feel obliged to participate if they don’t wish too.

In addition, an activity can also be used as an office party, such as bowling or any type of Christmas related games.

Add a Touch of Spirit

An office party wouldn’t be a party without a little touch of music! The atmosphere is greatly important if you don’t want your guests to dining and dashing due to a lack of ambiance. A DJ or local band can be hired to keep spirits high!

The biggest thing to remember is that the Christmas party should be seen as a “thank you” to your employees for their year of hard work and involvement in your company. A little acknowledgement goes a long way. In addition to the Christmas party, personalized Christmas cards will certainly add a touch of appreciation to the holiday season. At Crites and Riddell, you can contact us directly through our website for personalized greeting cards to give your employees and customers. Don’t wait to thank your employees!

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