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How to Choose the Best Conference Room Furniture

October 28, 2013
How to Choose the Best Conference Room Furniture
Business meetings can require a little pre-arranged formality to keep things on track. Choosing conference room furniture that will help make this happen can make a big difference in the way your meetings roll along.  Choosing the right conference room furniture can seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you start to do a little research online. There truly are thousands of options! Throw in the option of customized conference room furniture and you have a lot of choices!
We decided to put together a few tips to help you choose the best conference room furniture for your business. Take a few minutes to read our quick-tips and narrow down your choices:
Space. The biggest dictating factor will ultimately be your space. If you have odd-shaped rooms, small spaces or special technological requirements, then you’ll want to address any of these issues and features in the initial design stages to ensure your conference room will be easy to use. Conference room furniture can be custom built to fit your exact specifications so don’t be limited by your space—make it work for you!
Users. This point cannot be stressed enough. Think about who will be using this office furniture. Make room for people with mobility issues or other special considerations. The next step is to think about how they will use the furniture. Will people be required to sit for long periods of time? Will the users be on computers or taking notes? Is it important for users to be able to rotate and focus on different areas or people during the use? These kinds of questions will help you decide the basic functions you’ll look for in your conference room furniture.
Style. Your décor and office furniture makes a statement, whether positive or negative. Make a point to choose a style for your conference room furniture and décor that will be consistent with your business and its objectives. Avoid distracting decorations or extremely elaborate designs or furniture. Keep it fairly simple and functional. The focus is on what’s being presented!
Conference Room Furniture. Conference rooms won’t work without the furniture! Probably your biggest consideration in setting up a conference room is what type of furniture to purchase. Keep the preceding points in mind when choosing your conference room furniture, as they will help you navigate the many options available.
  • First off, choose your conference room table. Without this piece in place, it is very difficult to choose the best chairs to use with your table. Choose a table of appropriate size for the room and number of people you want to accommodate. Meetings can be stressful enough without having people cramped up in each other’s space! The flip side of the coin here is having too much table. A huge empty table can create a lot of “dead air,” so if you regularly have numbers fewer than ten people consider getting a smaller table or using a smaller meeting room.
  • Make sure your table is the height you want. There is quite a variety of table heights, so make sure you’re getting one that is appropriate for your conference room’s needs. Keep in mind special heights may require special chairs!
Your next task is choosing your conference room chairs. We’re putting together a special article devoted to discussing how to choose the best chairs for your conference room so come back later to read about getting the best chairs!
Crites & Riddell has an entire department devoted to office furniture and conference room furniture, so call our specialists and find out how to get customized furniture pieces for your business!
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