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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Green Office Supplies: Why you Should Choose Them

February 28, 2014
Green Office Supplies: Why you Should Choose Them

Wondering how you can reduce your carbon footprint and be gentle to the environment at your workplace? Choosing green office supplies is a great way to start! You will not only be helping save the planet but will also save some money in the process. Making simple yet smart choices and changes around the office can facilitate eco-friendliness, allowing you to reap the 'green' benefits.

Here is how and why you should green up your workplace.

Reduce paper wastage. Print ONLY if you have to!

Before you print that internal memo, think of how many different ways you could convey that same information digitally without having to use paper. Keeping up with technology and upgrading not only your office supplies but also the way you communicate will save you reams of paper and printer toners! Think emails. Instant messaging. It doesn't hurt either to start a print-conscious campaign at the office to keep everyone on the same page about reducing paper wastage! If you REALLY have to print, using recycled paper and refillable ink cartridges and toners is a smart way to stay eco-friendly without putting a dent on your office supplies' budget.

Conserve energy. Make use of the OFF button!

Switching off lights and utilizing nature's light in any well-ventilated office space may seem like a negligible act but it is one effortless way to conserve energy while saving you on the electric bill! Apart from lights, the cooling system in the summer and heating in the winter should be setup smartly to ensure that when the office is not in use, these systems are not running and racking up unnecessary expenses. Keeping the heating and cooling systems in tip-top shape and well maintained also ensures that they are functioning at their optimum which in turn reduces cost in the long run. Also simply changing the type of light bulbs to ones that are more efficient (compact fluorescent), installing light sensors for rooms that are minimally used, and investing in automatic power shutdown devices for IT equipment, are smart ways to go green!

Be chemical conscious. Use greener cleaning supplies!

Cleanliness is a virtue. Do not turn it into a vice by using harsh and hazardous products that are not only harmful to you and your staff members but also a potential environmental pollutant! A fresh, clean and organized office allows for maximized productivity and creativity. Using green cleaning products will enhance health and yield benefits for your company with time. Think less call-offs or sick days from your valuable staff members as they enjoy a serene workplace! When you care for the environment within which your employees spend most of their working hours, you build invaluable trust and a great sense of belonging.

Ready to go green? Feel free to browse our eco-friendly catalogue and rest assured that at Crites & Riddell Basics we are one of the most reputable offices supplies Montreal companies with over 100 years of approved customer service.

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