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Get Organized And Sail Through 2015 Tax Season

March 06, 2015
Get Organized And Sail Through 2015 Tax Season

Hello 2015 Tax Season

Tax season is not one that we look forward to. Especially true for businesses; tax season involves extra time, effort, and paperwork to get things accounted for and reported properly. Compounding this effort is the fact that many Montreal businesses (and individuals) don’t keep adequate and organized records throughout the year. This makes tax time all the more difficult and frustrating. Many who do keep the required documents and supporting information have it unorganized throughout the office…or stuffed in the infamous shoebox.

Organization Eliminates Frustration

The key to eliminating frustration is to organize all of your information properly. If you make a habit of filing documents as soon as you receive them, it also eliminates clutter and the risk of losing important information. Electronic information is easy enough to categorize and file in appropriate folders and subfolders (don’t forget to backup your info), but for paper documents you will need a little strategy and some well-chosen office supplies Montreal! Our Montreal legal index experts suggest the following materials to store and organize your paper information.

1. Binders. It’s hard to beat the binder for practicality, durability and easy use. When choosing your binders the first thing to look for is size. Choose one slightly thicker than the material you’ll insert, so there is room to easily flip through once you’ve filled it. If you have oversize items be sure to look for legal size binders and legal size sheet protectors. There are many types of binders to choose from, but our experience suggests the following options for tax season purposes:

2. Stationary, Expandable & Portable Files. Good-old filing systems are also an excellent way to organize your documents. Especially if you have an office location where you can easily keep your files. For organization purposes it helps to keep these documents separate from other files, so buying a filing system specifically to house this material is a good idea. Depending on the size of your business (or in the case of an individual) you may only need a small filing solution such as expandable files or even a portable filing system. If you need further information or help choosing office supplies Montreal, ask one of our in-house office supplies experts!

3. Indexes and Index Cases. Alphabetized indexes are the king of organization. You can even use them to indicate date ranges to organize monthly receipts/expense documents (binding cases are particularly good for this); which is extremely helpful come tax time! Again, you can choose from a variety of sizes and types, depending on the quantity of your files:

Our Montreal legal index experts are available to help you choose the best office supplies Montreal, provide advice to setup and organize your legal file system and provide appropriate suggestions or alternatives to make your 2015 tax season filing much simpler. Call us today!


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