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Find Hidden Money in Your Budget – Lunchtime Saving Tips

October 08, 2015
Find Hidden Money in Your Budget – Lunchtime Saving Tips

Bag Lunch Season Arrives

Autumn is the season of packed lunches. Never mind the amazing fall colors on the trees outside, what are you going to pack in your lunches this week?

It’s amazing how such a small task can become the bane of your mornings. For many of us, the answer is to simply avoid doing it altogether and eat out. But, if you’re on a budget of any sort, or trying to save your money for something else, packing your lunch is a real opportunity to save.

Check the Bottom Line

Exactly how much money can you save by taking your own lunch along? The numbers vary depending on what you eat and what you replace it with. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including hot lunches, leftovers and good old sandwiches. If you buy items on sale or in bulk you can save even more. It may seem like you’re only saving a few cents here and there, but once you start tracking it over a week or even the month, you’ll be surprised at how it adds up:

  • Cost of latte-type coffee: $4–5
  • Cost of bistro sandwich: $5–10
    • Total cost: $9–15 per lunch= $180–300 monthly
  • Cost of latte-type coffee at home: $.50–.75
  • Cost of homemade bistro-style sandwich: $2.50–4.00
    • Total cost: $3.00–4.75 per lunch= $6095 monthly

How to Make Your Lunch Easy

So now that you can see the actual (and conservative) numbers, how can you make packing your lunch less of a hassle? We have a few ideas:

First up, plan your week ahead of time. That means taking a few minutes and thinking about what you’d like to eat over the next week, as well as checking your grocery store’s weekly deals. Pairing up your meal plan with whatever is on sale this week is a great way to make your money stretch a little further.

Second, stocking up on non-perishable items that are easy to throw in your lunch helps streamline morning lunch making sessions. You can even look in the liquidation bins at your local grocery store for items that are getting close to their expiry date. These items are still good to eat, but at a reduced cost. You can also stock up your office lunchroom with healthy and easy to grab snacks that make eating in simple and delicious.

Make Use of the Office Breakroom

While it may be enjoyable to head out for an hour, even just for a change of scenery, it could end up costing you more than it’s worth. Many businesses have comfortable staff rooms where you can unpack your lunch and dine in.

Make a point of proposing breakroom supplies that are needed to make your lunchroom experience a pleasant one. Most businesses stock up on basic breakroom supplies, providing their employees with a nice place to eat and relax. If this is the case at your office, take advantage of it! You might even be surprised to find your coworkers start joining you in your money saving efforts.

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