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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Essential Equipment for a Conference Room

September 25, 2017
Essential Equipment for a Conference Room

When you are planning for and setting up a new conference room, it is important that it contains all the essential equipment needed to conduct business. Without the right equipment, you wouldn’t be able to conduct business meetings, conference calls or other necessary functions, or even worse, you’ll come across as unprepared and unprofessional.

Don’t panic though, this list will cover all the essential equipment you need in your conference room. 

Long Boardroom Table

While it may seem obvious, the most important aspect of your conference room is the table at which you will conduct business. Whether you are having an internal meeting or hosting potential clients, you want a table that will comfortably seat a large group of people. 

Crites and Riddell have a wide range of premium conference room tables, like ones which are made of both light and dark wood are available. 


Make sure you choose chairs that are easy to move around and comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. 

These sculpted chairs offered by Crites and Riddell are available in two colors and will add an aesthetic element to your conference room. 


When conducting meetings, you need a way to display and share information with participants. Most projectors can be synced with smartphones, tablets and computers to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

One example of a high quality projector is the Epson PowerLite 1264 Wireless LCD Projector, which you can view here.


You need a phone that has been designed specifically for conference rooms, where multiple people need to be able to hear and be heard clearly in a larger setting. One example is the VTech Conference Speakerphones.


This interaction surface is a whiteboard, projector and computer all in one and will allow you to get things done quickly and efficiently. It can be connected to a printer or other computers to save and print any work or notes completed.

Once you have the right equipment, be sure you set the room up in a way that is most beneficial for getting team work done. Make sure the projector and screen are in an easily viewable area and whenever possible, select wireless equipment. After everything is set up, you won’t to think about it again.  You’ll be able to get right to work to grow your business successfully. Consult all our products for your office in our online shop.

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