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Discovering Co-working: A New Form of Work

October 25, 2017
Discovering Co-working: A New Form of Work

With the rise of self-employment and those working from home, people are constantly looking for more and more places to work, that’s why co-working was created. A new form of work which allows individuals to break the loneliness and social isolation of work at home. This place of exchange makes it possible to create a network of workers from around the world by encouraging open-mindedness and communication, without the obligation to work in a hierarchical or competitive environment. To familiarize yourself with this new practice, you will learn in this article what co-working is, it’s benefits and how to use it.

What is co-working?

Co-working is a term that is growing in popularity as more people look to find a less traditional work space.  It is essentially when two or more people work in the same place but do not work together for the same company.  You will often find a co-working space shared by freelancers, start-ups and remote workers from a wide range of industries and professions.  The specifics of what the space looks like varies by location and situation – some individuals use it sporadically while others work full time hours.

Advantages of co-working

There are many advantages of co-working, including:

  • Creative environment to work in,
  • Easy exchanges and professional meetings,
  • Sense of community,
  • Increased networking possibilities,
  • Decreased isolation that comes from working alone,
  • Shared amenities, such as internet costs and room rentals,
  • Extremely accessible since many are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who is using co-working spaces?

A wide range of individuals take advantage of co-working spaces.  This way of working can be very beneficial for freelancers, bloggers, small businesses or startups who do not want to pay full price for individual office space but also do not want to work from home. 

How does it work?

Co-working spaces can look like a traditional office but more often resemble something closer to a café setting.  The purpose of it is to give workers a sense of community while increasing productivity and networking.  In most cases, you pay a monthly fee to use the space, the cost of which is less than renting your own office.  The specifics of what you get depend on the individual set up but most includes shared workspace with desk and chair, internet access, meeting rooms and kitchen area. 

More and more companies are opening co-working spaces to benefit various types of workers from all fields. In order to efficiently furnish your office space, think of Crites and Riddell. We have a wide range of office furniture and computer tools. Visit our online store today!  

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