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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Digital Printing Vs. Offset Printing: What To Consider

March 14, 2014
Digital Printing Vs. Offset Printing: What To Consider

We are living in a digitalized world with most traditional practices being overtaken by technologically savvy options. While digital printing maybe a newer and smarter option, it may not completely replace traditional printing in some cases due to the nature of the project at hand, among other factors. Here is what to consider before you entirely ditch the old for the new as you scout your online printing services options.

Less bulk; more work space

Is space an issue? Digital printing largely eliminates the need for bulky printing machinery therefore creating more space within your work area. Software and printing platforms replace large machinery, inks and paper for the most part. Also the use of digital PDFs, Illustrator as well as InDesign files means that printing plates (which are an offset printing staple) as well as printing tables may not be necessary, further reducing bulk!

Fast. Precise

Are you pressed for time? The fact that printing plates and predetermined runs do not have to be prepared in order to perform digital printing will largely help to cut back on printing time for your projects. Printing on demand is possible and the creation of color separation plates is not necessary! This frees up more time to concentrate on design and improve on quality for digital printing, an aspect that offset printing already seems to have an advantage over the digital printing option.

Reduce costs and save on manpower

Are you working on a tight budget? Depending on the size of the project at hand, printing costs and manpower have to be considered carefully. Where digital printing may proof to be cost effective by saving on not only personnel, but also on time and money needed to prepare detailed printing plates, offset printing may save you more on larger printing projects. You can rest assured that quantity does not compromise quality when it comes to choosing offset printing.

Flexibility and varied finishes

Are you keenly looking for variety and style? Although flexibility on the printing medium and finishes for digital printing is quickly catching on, offset printing so far is way ahead on this aspect of the printing game! If you are looking for better options on varied printing medium, then offset printing is the way to go. With options such as printing on wood, metal and even on fabric, offset printing scores big.

Whether your project prompts you to choose digital over offset printing, Crites & Riddell Basics Printing Services knows all about that! Customer approved and selected as one of the top printing services providers in Montreal, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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