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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Create a Clean Environment for Your Employees

November 08, 2018
Create a Clean Environment for Your Employees

You most likely spend a lot of your time at the office if you have a desk job. Studies show that the average adult spends almost a quarter of their lives at work. It’s important that the office isn't only clean but comfortable as well. A dirty office is not only unsanitary, causing sickness and health problems, but it can have a drastic effect on how both employees and clients feel about your business. Here are a few tips on how to keep your office clean and the reasons why cleanliness is important in the workspace.


Let’s face it, having a dirty office can make your company seem unprofessional. This is crucial since it can turn clients and potential business partners away. If customers come into your office and see unsanitary conditions, it could change their idea on your company’s morals. It’s vitally important to keep the lobby area clean with comfortable furnishings for a great first impression. Anything that looks like it’s worn out should be replaced, the floors should be vacuumed, trash removed and there shouldn't be any foul odours.


A happy employee is a productive employee. They won’t be content if they don’t have a clean, safe and comfortable environment to work in. They can’t be very productive if they have to call in sick because of a poor work environment. Spending a lot of time in a cluttered and unclean environment can have a negative effect on an employee’s mood as well. 

Indoor Air Quality

Most don’t think of air quality when it comes to maintaining a clean office, but it’s an important factor that could drastically impact your team's health. It can lead to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which causes symptoms such as dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, fatigue, headaches, hypersensitivity, allergies, skin conditions, sinus congestion, coughing, sneezing, nausea and dizziness. Symptoms disappear when the sufferer leaves the office and can begin to improve immediately or over the course of an extended period of time away from the office, such as on vacations and leaves.

You can avoid this by investigating the following areas of your office.

Check your ventilation system. Make sure that the filters are changed and cleaned, that there’s sufficient outdoor air intake and that the system is working properly.

Ensure that there isn’t mold in the building. If needed, have your building regularly inspected to make sure there aren't any problems and avoid any before they get too serious.

Check the humidity level of your building to avoid numerous problems.

Make sure that the temperature in the building is optimal based on the weather outside.

Air quality and ventilation are important to maintain since common office equipment, such as printers and copiers, can affect air quality.

Dust and Fingerprints

Just because you don’t notice dust build-up or fingerprints on surfaces doesn’t mean that customers or clients won't either. Any surface that is frequently touched or not touched enough can harbour bacteria and viruses that can cause severe illnesses, making it imperative to clean and dust often. Clean windows and any glass surface frequently as well. Smudges and dust can give an immediate bad impression of your business. Windows and glass require cleaning once a day in most cases.

You’ll notice that your office will have a better and more pleasing feel to it by following these guidelines. Keep in mind while cleaning that it is important to keep supplies and furniture in good condition. If you need new office furniture, check out our wide range of used and new furniture by visiting our liquidation page today!


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