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Choose the Perfect Pen—Different Types of Stationary Pens

February 06, 2015
Choose the Perfect Pen—Different Types of Stationary Pens

The Mighty Pen

While pen-less and paperless offices may seem like a popular idea, the truth remains that we will always need paper and stationary pens. Whether to jot down a quick telephone message, or your impromptu to-do list; you need a pen handy to get the message down right. Now I happen to be particular about my pens, but like paper, they can pile up if you don’t choose the right one for the job! We thought it’d be fun to look over some of your options when it comes to choosing stationary pens.

There are three basic types of pens to choose from: fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens.

Rollerball pens

These are versatile pens that produce a clean easy line. With minimal pressure required to produce line, this is a comfortable and fun choice for jotting the occasional note or journal page. Inks used tend to be water based and flow faster than other types of pens. Some types of rollerballs use gel inks, allowing for thick lines and cool colours. Keep in mind the inks tend to take longer to dry, so smudging is a real concern. Take care with these if you’re looking for something to write long notes with. The inks in these pens also offer numerous colours in various intensities and with variances like metallic or gel. Many rollerball pens are well suited to crafts and other special projects that need higher flow and brilliance.

Ballpoint pens

The standard in a daily writing pen. Ballpoint pens use oil-based inks and alcohol to provide a consistent and fast drying line. Unlike rollerballs, the ink dries quickly and smudging is less prone to happen. Because the ink is thicker than a rollerball type pen, ballpoint pens generally last longer. There are varying grades of ballpoint pens, basically you choose a price point and find one that works well for your usage. But keep in mind that many inexpensive brands write just as well as some of the more expensive ones. Take a pad of paper and try out a few pens to see what you like.

Fountain pens

A more traditional way to write. A bit out of the typical daily routines now, fountain pens used to be the norm. They do offer exceptional results though, especially if you write for pleasure, or by hand for special projects. Fountain pens require nibs and ink, all of which depend greatly on your personal writing style and preferences. If you’re looking for something classy and stylish, try out a fountain pen. Keep in mind they are pressure sensitive (don’t take them on an airplane!) and can be messy; especially when your learning to use it correctly.

Not sure where to buy the best pens in Montreal? There are numerous places you can find office supplies in Montreal. When choosing a pen take a few minutes to go and try a few out. You’ll quickly find what suites your hand best. If you are looking for the perfect all-around office pens to buy in bulk, be sure to check out our selection of pens offered at great prices. We’d be happy to help you choose the best pen for your use, so stop by or give us quick call and we’ll get you set up quickly.



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