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Buying Guide: Filing Cabinets

April 05, 2018
Buying Guide: Filing Cabinets

Working in an organized office environment is not only a great way to make your employees productive, but also enhances the professional morale of the office. Furniture, along with other electronics and appliances, play a vital role in maintaining a perfect office flow. Filing Cabinets are an excellent solution to keep their papers organized and available to whomever and whenever needed. A filing cabinet is definitely needed for every business to stay on top of all the paperwork.

What to Consider Beforehand

While purchasing your filing cabinets, you must consider the features that can be useful for your needs. Following are some important features you should consider looking into before making any final decisions:

  • Adequate space for the volume of paperwork you have.
  • Easy access to all required documents without having to search too far.
  • Lockable drawers to keep important documents safe and secure.
  • The size of documents that will fit inside. Most are standard size but this may not be the right size for your needs.
  • Different models and colors to fit with your office furniture and decor.

Types of the Filing Cabinets

There are numerous styles of filing cabinets available on the market based on your needs and office space. While purchasing your cabinet, don’t forget to focus on your budget, as it can be easy to go for the better looking, more expensive one compared to a standard filing cabinet that is the same thing. Following are the types of cabinets that you will consider purchasing:

Vertical Filing Cabinet

Available in several different styles, the vertical filing cabinet is the most commonly seen in any office environment. Using minimal floor space, this type of cabinet is the perfect choice for a basic filing system.

Crites & Riddell suggests getting the Fileworks® 2600 Plus Letter Size Vertical Filing Cabinets

Lateral Filing Cabinet:

The lateral filing cabinet contains increased width providing a solid solution to your filing needs. Similar to the vertical filing cabinet, this standard type of cabinet leaves plenty of room to file multiple papers in the same drawer and allows for better organization.

Crites & Riddell suggests getting the Offices to Go™ MVL1900 Series Lateral Filing Cabinets

Flat File Cabinet

With shallow drawers, this type of cabinet is useful to store larger documents such as posters, artwork and blueprints. This type of cabinet is not suggested for business with standard sized documents to file.

Mobile Cabinet

Being one of the more useful type of cabinets, they can be moved anywhere as required with little effort. They are small and compact with two or more drawers and can easily fit in smaller spaces such as under desks and tables.

Make sure you’re getting the best filing cabinet based on your needs. From cabinets to filing systems, you can find everything you need for your office on our website today. Get your employees motivated and keep them productive by providing them with the tools they need, ensure your office environment is properly equipped today!

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