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The Best Kids Crafts for Long Weekends

April 24, 2017
The Best Kids Crafts for Long Weekends

When it comes to the kids, arts and crafts are always a great way to keep them quiet and occupied while you try to get your own things done, but just setting them down with a pad of paper and some markers aren't always satisfying to them. Trying to think of a craft for them to do on any random day of the year can seem hard. So, we offer you some ideas of craft projects to be done during the weekends, and this, throughout the year.

Crafts for Special Days

The easiest part about holiday crafts is that most of them can just be a simple card. Father's Day and Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and birthdays are all paired best with a card-based arts and crafts. To either make it a little less simple, or to make the craft a bit longer and more challenging, you could adventure into making pop up cards. At the same time, you can always make them educational by adding in numbers or letters and some kind of puzzle they have to solve.

Holiday Decorations

A lot of fun can come from crafts that must be printed from online, but when you don't have ink or a printer, sometimes you have to resort to using your good old fashioned hands and paper. A fun craft could be to create a new decoration each year. Paper Mache is one of the easiest and oldest ways to create a design of your own with very few materials. Just mix water and flour into a batter like paste, dip some newspaper strips in and start molding. Once it's dry, it becomes super easy to paint and you can make pretty much whatever you want. It's easiest to use card board or balloons as a mold base to start off.

Art in All Seasons

With having a few crafts that revolve around each season, you'll never run out of fun things to do with the kids. When it comes to summer, you think sunny and hot. Foot prints cut out into the shapes of flip flops or any design where you glue and pour sand would be perfect.

Fall would be the time for different color leaves glued into a wreath or a tree made out of hand-shaped leaves.

Winter crafts are perfect because sometimes it’s too cold to go outside, so snowflakes and penguins and cotton ball snowmen are always a great substitution. Spring reminds you of new colors blooming, so flowers, butterflies and little baskets are perfect inside or outside activities.


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