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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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The Benefits of Team Building Days

July 31, 2018
The Benefits of Team Building Days

There are so many options to choose from, but all of them should have a single goal - to bring the team together. From working together to a little friendly competition, having a team building has quite a few benefits. To start off, here are a few games that make team building fun.

Schedule a Cook-Off

Whether you’re running a restaurant or not, this is sure to be a fun time for all. Both those cooking and those eating, this is a good way for a bit of friendly competition while everyone enjoys good food. Adding an ingredient all participants must use could spice up the competition as well!

Beach Olympics

Give your team something to look forward to every summer with an annual beach Olympics team building day! Not only is it a good way to get everyone out of the office on a gorgeous, sunny day, but small competitions are the perfect way for everyone to cheer for their teammates or be cheered for by them!

Game Night!

Although it seems childish, you wouldn’t believe how grown-ups turn into kids when game night games become an actual competition. From Pictionary to Trivia Pursuit, bring coworkers together by making them think together.

Room Escape Games

Besides having a lot of fun, all participants will improve their problem solving and communication skills. From easy, quick rooms to more elaborate escapes, this is a team building activity that is always enjoyed by all.

Make sure to remember that the activity chosen must be fun for the whole team, and not just those choosing. For these exercises to work, everyone needs to be fully dedicated to making it work.

The Benefits of Team Building

Turning your team into a cohesive group has many benefits, so we’ll single out the top 3.

First of all, team building always raises the office atmosphere to another level, and there’s no disputing that. People get to know each other outside of work, seeing coworkers in a different light than what you see every day is always interesting.

Next benefit is enhanced productivity. Making your employees happier to work together will make them realize that they all have a single goal - the well-being of the company. A cohesive team will provide much better results than a group of people who barely know each other.

Finally, fostering innovation and creativity may bring some new business-related ideas. Whether it be a team member that finally feels comfortable voicing their opinion to putting all your minds together outside of the office, great ideas can come from the best times.

All in all, there are many benefits to team building, the only problem being which one to pick! Let’s say that occasional team building actions are not only necessary but also widely recommended. For everything you might need for you team building day, Crites & Riddell have you covered!


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