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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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Being Prepared with the Right Office Supplies

June 12, 2013
Being Prepared with the Right Office Supplies
Working in any kind of business requires organized people carefully managing each area. For an office to run efficiently and for workers to be as productive as possible, it is imperative that office supplies are readily available. Getting a job done well and on time, means employees never have to wait for pen, paper, ink, or even paper clips. To ensure that productivity does not stall, it is important to be prepared.
Each worker needs their own supply of office products at their desk or work station. This minimizes the time spent looking for important supplies and maximizes productivity. In addition to keeping a small supply in each area, one person should be given the task of creating a supply closet or designated area. This allows for planning for larger projects, and it also ensures that the departments will never run out of needed items. Careful planning and organization is crucial to this task.
Inventory is also an important part of this job. The office supply manager needs to have a constant running list of items in need; it is also useful to know which ones are plentiful, so as not to re-order. A master list posted and surveyed regularly is also important. Employees will realize the importance of this, and they can give notice to the office supply manager when they require a larger amount of any item. This ensures that no one else will be without; again, this increases the productivity of each employer and the company as a whole.
Another important part of managing supplies is working to make sure that the company is not wasting money on any particular item. At least twice a year, the office supply manager needs to do a quick check of all the prices of office supplies being used. Sometimes office supply stores or even internet supply stores will offer better prices, if inquiries are made.
While many employees don’t think about office supplies being an integral part of the success of a company, it becomes obvious to everyone when production stops because of lack of supplies. The job of office supply manager is an essential one to making sure every employer is able to work effectively. Careful organization, planning, and regular assessment of office supplies are vital to the success of every company.
Below is an example of a “Master List” of office supplies:
Printer Cartridges Postage Machine Packing Tape
Paper (Standard and Legal) Digital Postal Scale Paper Clips
Letterhead/Envelopes Mailing Labels Pencils
Business Cards Manila Folders Pens
Calculators Legal Mailing Envelopes Rubber Bands
Calendars Markers/Highlighters Scissors
Timbres Note Pads Staplers/Staples
Cork Boards/White Boards Post-Its Fed Ex/UPS Supplies
Postage Stamps Tape Index Cards
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