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January 10, 2019
Ergonomics is a phenomenon that is already found in several offices today, but its importance isn't always understood. Discover the benefits of adopting this trend in your office.
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January 02, 2019
Owning a warehouse or office comes with a specific set of rules to follow. It's essential to create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees while complying with all necessary health and safety laws.
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8 Tips to Improve Your Health & Happiness at Work

May 22, 2015
8 Tips to Improve Your Health & Happiness at Work

Happy and Healthy, all Summer Long

Being happy and healthy at work can be achieved! Often, like so many other areas of life, it really is the small things that can make a big impact on our health and happiness. Take, for example, working with people you really can’t stand for eight hours a day. That may pose a challenge to your health and happiness. Other details, like ergonomic office furniture can also have a big effect on your health, especially when you consider the amount of time spent using it.

The Solution For a Happy Work-Life

Since many of us simply have to do the job at hand it is important to find ways to improve our overall health and happiness – especially in the office. So, whether you’re working your dream job, or just getting by, here’s a few ways to boost your health and happiness at work:

  1. Focus on the up-sides. Let’s face it; life dishes out some interesting circumstances. But, as you know, we do get to decide how we respond to them. So if you’re in some bummer situations at work, try to focus on the positive sides. You may have to be creative to see them, but give it a shot.
  2. Healthy office setups. Ergonomic office furniture is a big deal! From ergonomic office chairs and desks to wrist and footrests; ergonomic office furniture will have a dramatic effect on your body. If you don’t have proper workstations in your workplace, get together with other employees and talk to the management. Explain the impact on productivity and accuracy ergonomic office furniture can have if need be, rather than focusing solely on the health benefits. If you can correlate this need to their bottom line, you make a strong case.
  3. Healthy eating habits. Okay, we all know these, but…eat healthy at the office! Snacking is ok; just try to snack on veggies, fruit and other healthy options. Instead of candy or chocolate on your desk have a bowl of blueberries or grapes.
  4. Don’t go it alone. On the healthy eating subject, chances are there are more than a few of your coworkers who are either dieting or would love some support in eating healthy. Get together and make a plan where you can encourage each other and help stay on track.
  5. Be an Adult. In conflict or difficult circumstances acknowledge any responsibility. One little trick to use is to simply ask yourself if you have a part to play in the situation, if so, you then do what you can to adjust your actions/attitude, or resolve the issue and be at peace with the rest.
  6. Flexible working arrangements. Many workplaces see the value in being flexible, on both sides. Employers and employees alike will benefit from understanding of life circumstances and the flexibility to be successful regardless of the constraints.
  7. Get some exercise. On your lunch break head out for a walk or hit the fitness room. During work hours, change the position of your ergonomic office furniture each hour. Don’t work in a stationary position for eight hours straight!
  8. Get some fun office supplies. Montreal office supplies come in a huge variety, so order a few things that are fun. Coloured pencils, funky pens or a cute mouse pad are little ways you can personalize and liven up your desk. Before you order Montreal office supplies at your employer’s expense, be sure to ask for approval!
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