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7 Tips to Master Time Management

September 04, 2014
7 Tips to Master Time Management

And Time Marches On. . .

Time management. We all have to deal with the restraints and demands of time. Some of us do so poorly and some master the concept of time management seemingly without much effort. Whatever the case for you, it’s crucial to learn and practice effective time management techniques, especially in areas of business. Nothing can cut profits and productivity faster than poor time management on the part of employees, managers and business owners.

That being said, time management is important regardless of how you spend your day. Stay-at-home parents know how important it is to manage their day well, and young adults and children need to learn good habits to succeed in school and later in work environments. Since it’s such an important topic, we’ve put together seven tips to mastering time management, for everyone, no matter what your life situation is. Read on to learn more!

Time Management Tip #1 – Become conscious of how much time you spend thinking, doing, communicating and managing things each day. One excellent way to track this is to pick up a Basics® Daily Diary and jot down your activities (include conversations and thoughts that take up time) and how much time you spend on them. Not only will you quickly see how much you can actually do in a day, you’ll be able to pinpoint problem areas and time wasters.

Time Management Tip #2 – Screen or be selective about your phone calls. Answering every call promptly may seem proper, but it is a huge waste of time, especially if it is distracting you from an activity that is more important or has higher priority. Not only does it interrupt your flow of thoughts, it can really put a damper on co-workers or people involved in the task at hand. Be smart about your calls, and make use of voice mail!

Time Management Tip #3 – Keep in mind the good old 20/80 rule. That is, 20% of your thoughts and actions produce 80% of your results. Going back to tip #1, using the Basics® Daily Diary to track your activities and thoughts will allow you to pinpoint the 20% that is actually producing the results you’d like to see. Focus on these areas and weed out the rest.

Time Management Tip #4 – Delegate, delegate! No matter if in business, at home or on vacation, delegate tasks that can be shared and accomplished by others. You’d be surprised how capable people around you can be if given a little direction and a chance.

Time Management Tip #5 – Plan your day. Again, use the Basics® Daily Diary to plan and schedule your day. Include time for breaks, interruptions, thinking time, appointments and any other obligations. Be specific about your activities and realistic about the time needed to accomplish them. Don’t cram too much in to one day; err on the side of leaving extra time between tasks.

Time Management Tip #6 – Learn to say no. We all know we need to say no, but it can be difficult to actually do it! Learning to be realistic about what you can do or commit to is important, and saying no is better than agreeing to something you won’t succeed at delivering. It can also be about setting healthy limits and boundaries with people close to you, so get comfortable with saying no.

Time Management Tip #7 – Be organized! Nothing eats up time faster than running around looking for misplaced office supplies or other items. Be in the habit of using lists, keep your day planner organized and focus on necessary tasks rather than searching for missing things. Ordering office supplies online is a great way to keep workplaces organized and stocked efficiently.

We hope these tips help keep your time on track! Remember you only get each moment once, so choose the best ones to spend your time on.


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