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January 10, 2019
Ergonomics is a phenomenon that is already found in several offices today, but its importance isn't always understood. Discover the benefits of adopting this trend in your office.
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January 02, 2019
Owning a warehouse or office comes with a specific set of rules to follow. It's essential to create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees while complying with all necessary health and safety laws.
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7 Ingenious Ways to Exercise at the Office

October 22, 2015
7 Ingenious Ways to Exercise at the Office

Speeding Up Cardio in the Office

As the days get shorter many of us tend to become less active. Whether it’s the early arrival of night or the cold or whatever reason; it happens. It helps if you work outdoors, or have a job that requires walking and physical exercise, but many of us work in sedentary environments that require little or no physical effort. If you’re aim is a healthy lifestyle, you already are aware of the importance of being active. You are probably also aware of how tricky it can be to find a solution to the lack of movement required in our modern workplace.

The good news is there are numerous ways to incorporate activity into your daily routine. Just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to inactivity for eight hours of the day. Here are some great ideas for getting a little movement happening at work:

Stair Mania

Hit the stairs. This is no new idea; we’ve been burning off calories on the stairs for years now. But you simply cannot beat the positive effects of taking the stairs wherever possible or making a point of jogging them on your breaks.

Jog the Office

Your office furniture and supplies have never been more motivating. Now you can jog around your office furniture or jog to the supply room for more office supplies instead of walking. Want to burn a little more? Lift your knees!

Tap your Toes

In times when you need to stay at your desk, try tapping your toes. Tap faster for more cardio, less for a more inconspicuous exercise.

Walk Your Halls

The impact that walking can have is often underestimated. It may not burn huge numbers of calories, but it gets your body in motion. Movement is your friend, it allows muscles and tendons to flex and remain supple while limiting the strains of being stationary. It’s also the number one cure for mental block at work. Try it out, get up and move at least once every hour, even if you just walk down the hall for more Montreal office supplies.

Volunteering to put away all the office supplies is another way to get your heart pumping. You might be surprised at the odd tasks around the office you can do that require lifting, bending and moving.

Real Time Social Media

Put in some real face to face time - another reason to get up and move. Rather than emailing your coworker or boss down the hall or dialing up the phone, do it in person! Your work relationships will benefit and so will your body.

Calf Raises

No we aren’t talking about 4H club. Sculpt your legs whenever you're standing around. Rise up on your tip toes and slowly back down. Repeat as long as you can.

Other great exercises to try at your desk include; leg raises beneath your desk, glute squeezes while sitting and desk-ups (pushing up off your desk while standing).

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