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5 Tips for Success in the Corporate Conference Room

June 05, 2015
5 Tips for Success in the Corporate Conference Room

Effective meetings are possible

So you’ve probably discovered that only about a quarter of the people you work with actually know what they’re doing, and the rest try to do their best. While we’re hoping that management includes the people who know what they’re doing, it may not be so. Especially when it comes to meetings. It takes some practice and good communication skills to pull a meeting together successfully and with good results. Other factors like having the right conference room furniture can contribute to your meetings as well. Here are a few tips on sharpening up your meetings.

Rambling on and on and on … and on

One of the biggest reasons meeting flunk is the fact that there is often no real purpose or agenda to achieve. While brainstorming sessions are great, they can end up being a waste of everyone’s time if they don’t stay reasonably on track. Knowing and communicating the purpose of the meeting at the start will get things going on the right note. Then, depending on the reason you’re meeting, you may need to be strict or loosen the reins slightly to achieve a positive end.

Meet in a well-equipped place

Conference and meeting rooms need to be comfortable, ergonomic and support meeting requirements. Be sure your conference room technology is up to date and working; that conference room furniture is comfortable; and that people can adjust their chairs etc. to their needs. Conference room furniture that is worn out, broken or in serious need of repair won’t set the tone for success, so update your meeting room if need be.

Set time limits

Another great tip is to have a time limit set. Often creative genius kicks in when the clock is ticking. This will also help curb the ramblings of the guy sitting next to you who loves the sound of his own voice. It will also encourage people to speak up and get their ideas out on the table instead of sitting passively. While there is no magic time limit, do be aware of our human limitations to sit still and pay attention for long stretches of time. If it means breaking the meeting into two parts, do so.

Tag, you’re it!

Here’s a small but serious offender when it comes to undelivered initiatives: lack of responsibility. Assign a point person. This person is responsible for delivering whatever point you’re discussing. Delegating responsibility on an agreed point means someone is now directly responsible for either doing what’s been discussed, or dropping the ball. Chances are people will deliver.

Banish gadgets

While we run our lives from the palm of our hands, meeting time is one time well worth powering off for. Of course, you may have someone taking notes on a laptop, or power the projector for slides or research findings; but ask people to leave phones and personal devices at their desk. It’s inevitable that they will distract people at some point.

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