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4 Reasons Never To Skip Breakfast Before Work

November 27, 2014
4 Reasons Never To Skip Breakfast Before Work

The Daily Grind in Montreal

Work can sometimes seem like an all-encompassing endeavor. With special projects to plan, deadlines to meet, breakroom supplies or office supplies to inventory and order, or the never-ending grind of paperwork to fill out calling your name, it can feel like you don’t have time for anything else. While the demands of our workplaces may be very real and present, there are healthy ways to cope and even prevent stressors from getting a grip on us, or making us unproductive. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to eat a healthy breakfast each morning. Guess Mom was right after all! Here are four reasons never to skip breakfast:

  1. Breakfast helps wake you up. True story. Not only does it fuel your engine, it wakes up the driver! Kicking things into gear, breakfast is a really simple way to wake yourself up physically and mentally.
  2. Keep weight in check. Not only does eating breakfast wake you up, it wakes up your metabolism. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat breakfast have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight. When your body is in starving mode, it’s really hard to shed any weight. Eating first thing in the day sets your body at ease.
  3. Keeps you smiling. Skipping your morning meal makes people grouchy. Not only does food fuel your physical systems, it also dramatically affects your emotions. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but make sure you give your body something to run on each day! You’ll feel a big difference in your general mood.
  4. Breakfast eaters are more productive. It’s not rocket science, and including the other three items listed here, eating breakfast simply gives your body the fuel it needs to run efficiently and properly. It’s like putting gas in your car. No gas means you’re not going anywhere. And that doesn’t help when it comes to meeting the demands of our jobs.


How To Never Miss Breakfast Again

While we may have all been told to eat a good breakfast, actually doing so can pose a challenge in our busy day. Depending on your schedule and the daily demands you face, finding the time to prepare, let alone eat your breakfast can seem hit and miss at best. But there are a few things you can do to make sure you never skip breakfast again!

First off, plan ahead. Even if you only start with a few days at a time (try one week) just thinking ahead slightly can make a huge difference. Not only will it give you time to stop at the store and pick up what you need for the week, it means you’ll have things on hand when you need them. Getting up fifteen minutes earlier can also make a huge difference. It can give you that added edge against the clock to get in a decent meal.

Another great option is to eat at work first thing in the morning. With more and more offices and workplaces providing exceptional staff lounges and break rooms, you can very likely take your breakfast at the office. Make sure that your breakroom supplies are stocked up so you can do so without any trouble and keep things tidy.

If you’re an employer, consider the benefits of having your employees fueled up first thing in the morning. Many schools provide various breakfast programs, why not offer simple items in your breakroom for employees to grab when racing against the clock? Stock up your breakroom and cleaning supplies and make it easy to fuel up in the morning.


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