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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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3 Reasons Promotional Products Work For Your Business

October 24, 2014
3 Reasons Promotional Products Work For Your Business

The Original Viral Marketing Tool

Promotional products are a powerful way to achieve many things in your business. From motivating your employees and team members, to valuing your clients and consumers, these types of products have an impact. In earlier years, many businesses made use of these types of products to get their name out there, be remembered and appreciate loyal clients and employees. Promotional products were a novel invention, creating a buzz and memorable impression of the businesses that used them. Today, more and more businesses are recognizing the power of these types of items and putting to use a wide range of promotional products.

Some typical examples of effective Montreal promotional products include:

  • Writing Instruments
  • Shirts & Outerwear
  • Health And Safety Products
  • Bags, Calendars and Office Accessories
  • Hats & Headwear
  • Key Chains, Novelty Items
  • Mugs & Cups
  • USB Flash drives, Tech Gear

So what exactly can we expect promotional products to do for our businesses? What types of impact can they have, and how do we go about putting them to use? Read on to find out how!

Increase Brand Exposure

Let’s face it, often customers need to see you or hear about your business repeatedly before they stop in or purchase. One of the best ways to increase your brand exposure, for minimal cost, is through promotional products Montreal. Whether it’s through the t-shirts you gave out to employees, or pens and magnets to your customers, promotional products get seen in places you otherwise would have little exposure in. Another great fact here is that promotional products tend to stick around a long time. How often have you come across that free hotel pen from your vacation in 1998? That’s some lasting exposure!

Employee Appreciation

Never underestimate the power of recognizing and rewarding excellent employees for their hard work and achievements.  Employee appreciation is one of those little things that can really motivate your team. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they tend to work harder and smarter, making your business a better and more profitable place. Promotional products are the perfect fit for these types of occasions. Be sure to actually be giving something worthy of the reward. For example, don’t give out a pen with the company name on it for a reward such as “50 Years of Service”….you get the picture! Make sure it is appropriate and equal to the contribution being rewarded.

Validate A Relationship

Even if it’s a small and inexpensive token, Montreal promotional products pave the way for a continued relationship with potential or existing clients. After that first impression is made it’s imperative to keep it fresh. People are bombarded with massive amounts of information and decisions to make each day. Giving a small promotional product keeps your brand and business up front on their radar, making them more likely to return or purchase from you in the future.

Find And Put To Use Promotional Products Montreal

The first step in putting these to good use is finding an office supply company who can help you. From product consultation and selection, graphic design of promotional products, project management, inventory, and fulfillment, Crites & Riddell has a team to get you started. We pride ourselves in providing a complete line of office supplies and desirable and trendy promotional products. Call us or stop by to find out more.


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