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January 10, 2019
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January 02, 2019
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3 Quick & Easy Summertime Office Cleaning Tips

July 11, 2014
3 Quick & Easy Summertime Office Cleaning Tips

The pace at the office during summertime is usually a slower one. If that’s the case, it’s a great time to take on a few extra projects that you normally don’t have time to do. One of the best ways to use a little extra time is by taking on a few organizing and cleaning projects. Read on to find out three quick and easy tips to tidy up your office:

1. Breakroom Cleaning Supplies to Clean Your Refrigerator

One of the first places to clean is your breakroom; and its refrigerator. Notorious for all kinds of surprises, refrigerators can benefit from a thorough summer deep-clean. Don’t be surprised if you find all kinds of leftovers, mold or other nasty inhabitants, but do use sufficient disinfectant breakroom cleaning supplies to ensure a good result.

If a lot of people share the fridge at your office, send a memo to everyone stating a date (within the same week preferably) that the fridge will be emptied of all its contents. Be sure to state that EVERYTHING you find left in the fridge on that date will be thrown into the trash. Make sure you have proper breakroom cleaning supplies so you can thoroughly disinfect both the refrigerator and the breakroom on cleaning day!

2. Freshen up Your Office Furniture

Office furniture tends to get used and abused. Add to that multiple users sharing the same office furniture and office supplies, and you’ll have overworked and overlooked office furniture in need of a little attention. The first step is to make sure you have the right office cleaning supplies to clean your furniture. Take note of any leather chairs or other unique finishes that may require special cleaning products.

Chairs in particular should be cleaned every two months, or more if in public seating areas. Brush off any debris or dust and clean with an appropriate cleanser and a soft cloth. On leather, use only products designed for leather, and use stain removers to remove any stains or pen marks.

3. Clean up Electronics & Order Office Supplies Montreal

Summertime is perfect for taking either a detailed or quick inventory of your office supplies. Taking stock of everything you have on hand, be sure to re-order any office supplies you are running short on. Take special note of printer cartridges, printer ink or other items that you tend to go through quickly. We have the best office supplies Montreal! Take a look at our products and order through our convenient website to save time and money.

Lastly, take the time to clean all your electronic equipment. Make sure you only use electronic-friendly cleansers on any computers, displays and accessories. Pressurized cans of air are a great way to clean out computer fans, keyboards and other parts without causing damage from chemicals or improper handling. And be sure to enjoy your summer in your sparkling office!


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