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October 10, 2018
The breakroom is always appreciated by employees, which is why it needs to be well equipped and comfortable. Your team will be less stressed and more productive with a space designated for relaxation.
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September 26, 2018
By organizing your office items, you can save time looking for them and focus on the benefits that come from what you’re working on. On the other hand, this can sometimes seem like a challenge. At Crites & Riddell, we can help you manage the storage of your office items.
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Office Furniture


In 2007, Crites & Riddell developed a furniture department, Burosphere. Our ergonomic approach is a continuity of our mission as a local based company offering a personalized service before and after all stages of your office furnishing project to ensure your satisfaction, your peace of mind and of course, a considerable improvement of your working environment.

We are here to guide and assist you in making the right decisions to meet your needs, budget and office space. Meeting sessions allow us to better advise you and collect even more information for a customized proposal consisting of 2D and 3D plans allowing you to visualize the proposed layout on your business premises as well as a detailed product list.

Our services

  • Evaluation and analysis at your business premises with regards to your needs, space and budget
  • Planning your layout using 2D and 3D plans as well as a detailed quotation
  • Research for specialized items and customized furniture
  • Professional design service
  • After sales customer service: service and parts under warranty or not
  • Delivery and installation coordination
  • Coordination of moving, renovation, extension or office reorganization
  • Loaner chair program
  • Ergonomic evaluation of your work stations and personalized advice
  • Manufacturer’s showroom visits
  • Printed or electronic sales literature (products, finishes, fabrics, etc.)
  • Leasing program




















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