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January 10, 2019
Ergonomics is a phenomenon that is already found in several offices today, but its importance isn't always understood. Discover the benefits of adopting this trend in your office.
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January 02, 2019
Owning a warehouse or office comes with a specific set of rules to follow. It's essential to create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees while complying with all necessary health and safety laws.
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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and believe it’s important to protect your personal information. The following statements will outline our policy on the collection and use of personal information on our website.

Details on How We Use Personal Information

Personal information is any information that could be used to identify you. Your name, email address, mailing address and phone numbers are all examples of the types of personal information that we may request on our website. If you wish to receive more information about our products or services you will be asked to fill out a form using your contact info. Crites & Riddell only uses this information to send you information and offers, or to communicate for business purposes. You may ask us to stop using the information you provided at any time.


Crites & Riddell under no circumstance, will disclose, sell or lease to a third party any information provided through our website; unless required by law. When you request information using our website, the personal information you provide will only be visible to employees of Crites & Riddell who need it to respond to your request.

Policy on Cookies

Cookies are a numeric code stored in your web browser that allows you to be remembered when you revisit that particular website. Cookies are NOT permanent, as you can remove them from your browser whenever you choose. Cookies can improve your website experience, as well as help you find more relevant information or products. If you do not wish to receive cookies you can simply disable this option in your web browser.

The Crites & Riddell website uses cookies to better serve our website visitors and to offer valuable promotions or advertisements to our clients. In particular, we run Google re-marketing campaigns that are based on our website user’s previous visits to our site. For example, if you come to our pallet recycling page, you may start seeing advertisements for our pallet recycling program. This is because of a cookie being sent when you visited our pallet recycling page.

Third-party Vendor Re-marketing Ads

Crites & Riddell uses third-party vendors, like Google, to run valuable re-marketing campaigns. We only create campaigns for services that will offer value to our customers. Third-party vendors, such as Google, allow companies (such as Crites & Riddell) to create advertisements using their advertising tools.

Through a re-marketing campaign, Google will then display those ads (on their display network websites), to relevant people based on their use of our website when they browse other sites or search for similar terms. The benefit of this system is that potential customers will receive ads that are relevant to their interests. If you do not wish to receive these ads, please read the section: Opting Out at Anytime below.

Opting-Out at Anytime

If you’d like us to stop using personal information that you previously provided us, for any reason, please contact us and we’ll be happy to do so. To disable cookies, simply go into your web browser’s settings and disable the cookies option.

If for any reason you do not wish to have ads targeted to you or receive cookies from third-party websites, you can opt-out by visiting the NIA website and using their opt-out tools. Note: Opting out does not mean you will never see ads online, it means that you will no longer receive ads based on your internet usage from participating websites and companies.

If you’d like to opt-out or control the types and amount of ads displayed to you, you can also visit Google’s ads settings page and modify your settings. This will allow you to opt -out of Google’s interest-based ads located on Google display network websites. You'll still come across advertisements, but they won’t be targeted based on your preferences or previous searches.

Links to External Sites

Our privacy policy applies only to our website, Crites & Riddell. You may find links to external website on the Crites & Riddell site. Take the time to read the privacy policy of any external sites to find out their specific practices when it come to the collection and use of your information. Crites & Riddell will not be held liable for any policy, practice or action of any third party website in regards to the collection or use of personal data.

We value both your business and your trust. Crites & Riddell reserves the right to update, modify or expand our statements and policies regarding privacy and personal information as necessary. That being said, any changes to this information will promptly be displayed on this page and in accordance with all applicable personal information laws recognized in Canada.


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